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Grünes Dreieck mit abgerundeten Ecken.Grünes Rechteck mit abgerundeten Ecken.Grünes Rechteck mit abgerundeten Ecken.
Grünes Dreieck mit abgerundeten Ecken.Grünes Rechteck mit abgerundeten Ecken.Grünes Rechteck mit abgerundeten Ecken.

By giving everyone access to an endless resource, we are moving away from the concept of fossil-based polyester.

By 2040

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Our proprietary technology offers a way out before the damage caused by fossil-fuel based polyester becomes irreversible.

We merge the highest quality and availability with the lowest cost, embodying our vision of a world using recycled polyester only.



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What’s the matterr?

Are you dissatisfied with your recycling process? Is it inefficient, costly, and failing to meet your product standards? We have the solution. Tap into genuine technology crafted by industry experts – not just a concept, but a fully developed game changer for polyester recycling. Let’s stop squandering time and materials. Leap ahead and start producing your own high-quality polyester that rivals traditional sources. Adopt matterr and begin creating immediately.

For you, for your customers – forever.

Because recycling matterrs.

The matterr Technology in Your Industry

Fueled by research partnerships, government funding, and a deep commitment to sustainability, we developed a revolutionary technology that closes the loop. Partner with us and let's create a lasting impact, together.


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Single-origin waste is rare in the textile industry. In addition to dyes and large varieties of additives, there are a number of other properties that raise questions when it comes to recycling. So what if we could answer all these questions in a single process?

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Tired of waiting for a sustainable future? We're making it happen now. Our patented technology extracts MEG and TPA, the building blocks of PET, from mixed PET waste in exceptional purity. This groundbreaking process allows us to create pristine PET entirely from recycled materials.

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Our Movement

We're a team of passionate innovators, and we're looking for like-minded partners in the industry. Together, let's weave a sustainable future, thread by thread, and create a world where recycled PET becomes the new standard.

More about the matterr movement

Do you want to tackle the transformation together with us?

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